New AMC Theater Adds Value to San Diego Real Estate Properties

  • Michael J. Chious by Michael J. Chious
  • 1 year ago

The movie industry was hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. And many popular movie chains that closed in San Diego are evidence of this unfortunate situation.

With the lockdown and strict health protocols placed within the city, moviegoers had no choice but to skip the theaters and stay home to prevent the coronavirus infection. As a result, they had to endure watching new movies at home instead of feeling the hype of new films inside a cinema.

But now, the pandemic is close to an end, and things are slowly easing into the new normal. With this change comes the opening of the new AMC Theater in Westfield UTC Mall.

San Diegans are not the only ones excited. Everyone wants to experience the new theater and may consider moving to the city, especially when investing in San Diego real estate is an excellent decision.

AMC Theater at Westfield UTC Mall

The new AMC Theater opened on February 10, 2022, at the Westfield UTC Mall. It took the place of ArcLight, a luxury cinema that closed at the start of the pandemic.

According to the new theater’s first moviegoers, the place looks similar to the shuttered ArcLight cinema. But some renovations and a touch of remodeling give it its own identity.

However, unlike the previous theater that held the place, AMC does not offer an extensive menu that includes dinner and entrée options. Instead, it only has the usual movie snack options, such as popcorn, candy, hotdogs, pretzels, and the like.

The good news, though, is that the theater’s bar, which is under the MacGuffins brand, still operates. And it serves craft beers, premium wine, and cocktails.

Moreover, the AMC theater offers online reserved seating and advanced food order.

The opening of a new cinema indicates San Diego’s booming economy. And with the positive outlook of the city’s real estate market, now is the perfect time to invest in property in the metro’s prime locations.

Now Showing at the AMC

The new AMC Theater now offers nighttime showings. Ticket prices are $16.59 for adults, while kids’ fees are $13.50. The elderly, aged 60 and older, only pay $15.09 for their tickets.

In the first week of operation, the cinema played Spider-Man: No Way HomeDeath on the Nile, and Moonfall. It also showed some Oscar-nominated movies, like Nightmare AlleyBelfast, and Licorice Pizza.

A new cinema and new movies are things that movie enthusiasts should watch out for, especially during a pandemic. And for San Diegans, the AMC theater is a great addition to their real estate property’s value.

The Pandemic and the Economy

While the battle with COVID-19 is not over, things are now looking positive. And many health restrictions are being lifted.

For one, California no longer requires masks for vaccinated people in indoor settings, including movie theaters. However, the unvaccinated still need to comply with mask requirements.

This rule started a few days after the new AMC theater opened last week.

And while watching movies in cinemas without a mask is not new, it is something that many wish to experience again. Thus, the opening of the theater is timely. And it is something that many look forward to.

The city is moving forward from the pandemic, and the economy is looking good. Now, the opening of a new theater establishes that the real estate market in San Diego is something worth investing in.

Cinemas and the San Diego Real Estate Market

If you wish to be entertained in San Diego, watching movies is how you do it.

Yes, you can watch your favorite films and series on TV, but there is something about watching movies in a cinema that makes people want to watch more. And this is quite true at a time when people have been cooped up inside their homes for months.

Thus, the new AMC Theater is what the people of San Diego have been waiting for. And it boosts the city’s entertainment industry and makes real estate prices soar.

But, aside from the AMC, there are many top-rated cinemas in San Diego. These include the Landmark Theaters Ken Cinema, UltraStar Mission Valley Cinemas at Hazard Center, and the Reading Cinemas Gaslamp No. 1. The numerous entertainment centers keep San Diegans entertained while improving the city’s real estate market.

So, if you want to settle in a place well worth it and does not lack entertainment, San Diego is where you want to be.

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