Is San Diego the Newest and Hottest Real Estate Market in the Country?

  • Michael J. Chious by Michael J. Chious
  • 1 year ago

Home prices and retail sales are increasing around the country, particularly in San Diego.

As individuals spend more time at home, the need for larger spaces has also fueled housing demand.

The housing prices in San Diego have increased considerably in the last year due to reduced mortgage rates, which allow homebuyers to put more of their monthly payments toward the principal.

In 2021, the interest rate falls to a record low, maintaining San Diego’s high house values and increasing consumer purchasing power.

The housing available is selling quickly, with many offers usually exceeding the sellers’ asking price.

How Expensive Is the Housing Market in San Diego?

San Diego County is 4,526 square miles in size, making it bigger than Delaware or Rhode Island and 82% the size of Connecticut.

According to the latest market study released in February 2022, San Diego’s median house price jumped by more than 14% in the previous year to a remarkable $764,000. It makes San Diego one of the hottest real estate markets.

The following is the current information you need to know about the real estate market in San Diego.

  • The median sale price of sold properties was $800,000.
  • The typical listing price per square foot for a property is $537.
  • Mission Valley is San Diego’s most affordable neighborhood, with a median listed house price of $553,000.
  • La Presa has the lowest median listed property price in San Diego County, at $669,000.
  • Houses in San Diego are typically sold for 2% more than the asking price.
  • The typical single-family house price jumped 16% to $888,000, while sales declined 5.6%.

Investing in Real Estate in San Diego

San Diego has around 1,305,700 people and is a reasonably walkable city. It is the second-largest city in California and one of the top 10 in the United States. San Diego is one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States, with a thriving economy.

The San Diego metropolitan area is regarded as the home of naval aviation. In addition, it serves as a significant employment hub in the country for the military and a as regional center for scientific research, education, tourism, trade, and health care.

However, one downside to investing in real estate in San Diego is the expensive home prices. As a result, affordability has been a concern for many San Diego homebuyers.

San Diego’s housing is a mix of owner-occupied and renter-occupied properties. According to real estate data, the most prevalent housing units in San Diego are one and two-bedroom single-family detached homes.

Large apartment complexes, duplexes, townhouses, and residences converted to apartments are also common in San Diego.

San Diego’s housing market is one of the most active in the country. Because house construction takes time, especially in a highly controlled environment, there is minimal possibility of decreased demand.

For many years, San Diego has been one of the country’s hottest real estate markets. Between 1998 and 2018, the median house value in San Diego increased by a stunning 217%.

However, the median family income increased by around 77% during the same 20-year period.

San Diego Real Estate Forecast

After the latter part of 2012, the cost of low-income housing in San Diego County increased. Due to the boost provided by lower mortgage rates, the neighborhood enjoyed another price spike in 2015.

Increased buyer purchasing power continues to fuel San Diego’s high housing prices.

Home prices have recently begun to rise again, and the outlook is similarly bright. The average house value in San Diego County is currently at $857,991, reflecting a 50% growth in the area’s total housing stock.

Home prices in San Diego County increased by 24.9% last year. Data also reveals that San Diego real estate has grown by 107% over the previous ten years.

It equates to a yearly real-estate increase of 7%, putting San Diego in the top 10% of all cities in terms of real estate appreciation.

San Diego’s appreciation rate has been about 16% during the last twelve months. The previous quarter’s appreciation rate was 7.30%, equaling 32% annualized.

Overall, there is a limited supply of properties in San Diego, so buyers are typically compelled to compete, resulting in higher prices and faster sales, favoring sellers.

According to the forecast for 2022, a lack of supply and increased demand for homes from millennials will drive up prices over the following twelve months.

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